Community Broadcasting & Entertainment

CBE Radio

Community Broadcasting  & Entertainment

Freedom of Speech
Freedom of Self Expression
Freedom of Belief
Freedom of Diversity
Freedom of Community
Freedom of Thought
Freedom of Equality
Spirit of Unity and Understanding


The Community Broadcasting & Entertainment (CBE Radio) is dedicated to;

  • Promoting the Freedom of Speech
  • Promoting the Freedom of Self Expression
  • Promoting the Freedom of Belief
  • Promoting the Freedom of Diversity
  • Promoting the Freedom of Community
  • Promoting the Freedom of Thought
  • Promoting the Freedom of Equality
  • Promoting the Spirit of Unity and Understanding

The Freedom of Speech is the greatest Freedom that is given naturally to all of humanity.

Naturally to take the voice of any one in a nation, community, or society makes no sense.

If one has a right to restrict the Voice of  The People then all the rights of social congregation, protection of property and person, religious tolerance; these gone. In that the nation, community, or society becomes a tyranny and is subject to repercussions from those that are terrorized, The People.

CBE Radio provides a unique environment for the education, enlightenment, and production of broadcast quality programming for On-Air Broadcast.

All the tools needed will be provided for and by CBE Radio’s Founder.

These tools include the CBE Radio streaming audio server, website operations, maintenance, and upgrades.

Everything is provided FREEE of charge.

As far as the site goes, if anyone would like to help in design and presentation, I am open for assistance. Shoot me an email cberadio2@gmail.com.