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AGON: The Atomic Dragon Episode 2

Episode #2


Goro and Yamato rush back to try to find Satsuki, who was knocked unconscious from the fall into the chasm. Goro reaches her first and, with Yamato’s help, manages to climb back out with her over his shoulder. As Satsuki regains consciousness, the three look on as Agon reaches the Research Center and begins to destroy it, easily demolishing any building in its path.

The three quickly climb down towards the road and meet up with Dr. Ukyo as the facility is being evacuated. From their safe vantage point, they stop and watch as Agon strikes and cracks open the nuclear reactor of the Research Center, and Goro and Yamato are convinced that the radiation spilling out from it would be enough to kill the monster. Dr. Ukyo though feels that it’s too early to tell, and that they shouldn’t jump to conclusions so soon.

Several days later, Goro goes and visits Satsuki at the hospital she’s in while recovering from her injuries. He tells her that, while it’s not certain, it seems that Agon was killed in the explosion of the nuclear reactor, though she’s not convinced that it won’t appear again. Goro’s boss calls him at the hospital and berates him for slacking off rather than pursuing more information on Agon’s attack, informing him that Dr. Ukyo had an important announcement that he was going to make later that day.

Dr. Ukyo reveals that he believes that, due to the monster’s “birth” from radioactivity, the explosion of the reactor did little more than feed it, and that as long as uranium exists, Agon will continue to try and obtain it. A plan is devised by the military to take advantage of Agon’s behavior, luring the monster out from the sea with uranium fuel in order to attack it. The wait for the creature is not long, as Agon quickly surfaces and makes for the fuel.

A squadron of jet fighters make the first attempt to intercept, bombarding the monster while it is still at sea, but their missiles have little effect on it. Agon retaliates with blasts of atomic fire from its mouth, downing several of the jets in the process. Tank and cannon fire from the shore quickly followed, but like the jet fighters, their attacks weren’t able to deter Agon as it continued towards land.

Dr. Ukyo suggests that they all head toward the shore to further examine Agon’s behavior, arriving just as the monster strikes down a lighthouse overlooking the ocean. Yamato jumps into the transport vehicle containing the uranium fuel and lets it coast into the sea, jumping out before it careens off the edge. Agon, quickly plucking the wagon from the water, turns back towards the sea. Goro asks if everything is settled now with the monster, but Dr. Ukyo is convinced that Agon will return, and that they must find some means of a countermeasure before it does.

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