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AGON: The Atomic Dragon Episode 4

The Final Episode


Agon begins to make its way into the village as the military is still unable to attack it with Monta in its mouth. With the Self Defense Force unable to attack the monster and unable to devise a way of saving the boy, Goro suggests that they use a helicopter to fly near Agon and drop down into the boat from a rope ladder to save Monta. Being his idea, Goro nominates himself to be one of the rescuers, but he is rebuked by the commanding officer, saying that it’s too risky for an untrained individual. However, the plan will be implemented all the same.

Soon, the helicopter approaches Agon, which remains unusually motionless as the rescue crew make their way down to the boat still held within its mouth. Suddenly, the monster swats at the rope ladder and pulls the helicopter down to the ground, destroying it before moving off from the top of the mountain it was sitting on. Agon began to make its way towards Mie City.

Goro is racked with guilt over having suggested the helicopter plan, not only because it resulted in the death of the crew, but also because it enraged Agon, endangering Monta and the city as a result. Satsuki manages to comfort him, telling him that the military chose to follow with his idea because it was the best they had available, and that they need to come up with another plan so that the crew’s deaths weren’t in vain.

Dr. Ukyo and Yamato decide that, in order to save Mie City, they will lure Agon away using a helicopter with a large quantity of uranium suspended underneath it. Given the distance that the helicopter will need to travel, it is uncertain if it will be able to reach the monster before it reaches the city.

Agon begins to slowly make its way through a steel manufacturing plant, but before it reaches the furnaces, the helicopter manages to arrive and begins to circle it. The monster quickly turns toward the uranium being suspended overhead and begins to follow the helicopter as it is led away from the plant and back towards the ocean. Agon leans down and drops the boat from its mouth as it begins to pursue after its food, freeing Monta from its grasp. Goro and the others quickly rush to him and find him unconscious, but otherwise uninjured.

The two brothers watch as the military find their suitcase, and they decide to make their way towards Agon in order to retrieve it. When it’s opened, Goro and the others find that the suitcase is filled with narcotics, likely smuggled from an off-shore ship, and Goro suggests that they give it to Agon. Dr. Ukyo comments that it’d be interesting to see what that effects that narcotics of that quantity would do to the monster, and that it’d likely kill him.

The plan is made to have the narcotics added to the uranium container, and the helicopter lands to make the addition. As it lands, the brothers arrive and, after knocking out a police officer, commandeer the helicopter from Goro and its pilot before taking off again. The two begin to fly in low and taunt Agon, only to be blasted by a stream of its atomic fire before eating them and the narcotics. The drugs quickly take effect, and Agon begins to stagger aimlessly through the steel manufacturing factory, catching itself on fire as it destroys the plant’s furnaces. Goro, Yamato, and the others watch on as Agon slowly makes its way back into the ocean, its fate uncertain.

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