And the Earth was without form and void; and darkness upon face of the deep.
And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.

It all comes down to GOD —

Not a Messiah
Not a Prophet
Not a Man

Observance of a Promise
So graciously God gave
Lessons that He taught us
They are nothing
There is no salvation
Only Judgement Day

Judgement laid
Soul re-paid
Punishment rendered
Sentence served
Grace is given
And the Light softly returns

Before me laid the Throne
Brightest of all the Fires
There is only One Judgment
Lonely Accuser comes
Defender holding closely
To the hand on my Right

‘Child Peace be in your Heart.
Your deeds are widely known.
You will reap the seeds you’ve sown.
All the roses and the thorns.’

And the one there on my left
Standing beside the Fire
Dealt the Blame
Bringing the Guilt

‘Trials by fire.
Passions of Heart.
Sins of the Flesh.
Shames of the Mind.
Sins of the Soul.’

Line on the left
Always the longest
We are told
Through the eye of a needle
We are sewn

The fragile fabric
The torn sinew
Blessings gained
Blessings lost

‘Who condemns you Brother?
Accuser or Defender?
Be Forgiven.
Sin No More!’

It all comes down to GOD —

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