Are you one of those people who are offended by every thing that you read, see, hear, or otherwise makes you feel uncomfortable?  Then leave right now because I doubt you will like what I have to say.  I am searching for the right Flock and you are not among them.  Leave before you are offended.

What the hell is wrong with society?

We have devolved into creatures that relish in the self and glorifies the glut? Walking zombies more concerned about our social outreach then our social impact. In short we have become not-human.

What the hell is wrong with society?

We depend ever more heavily on artificial technology than on ethical principals. It is far too common for others to stand by and record the offense rather than stand up and defend the offended.

What the hell is wrong with society?

It seems as though everyone is offended by everyone else.  I don’t like your flag, take it down.  God’s Commandments disturb me, take them down.  My candidate lost, take them down. I want, I need, I deserve, take them down.

What the hell is wrong with society?  We have turned our backs on God.  Your belief is no better than mine.  Only God can Judge in the end.

I am a pissed human being.  I am pissed that the world has turned it’s back on God and laid faith in governments.  Laid faith in idol worship; entertainment stars, singers, politicians, theologians, false prophets, and false saviors.  Is this what we were created for?  Is this really what we have become?

How difficult it is that we cannot, nor do we want to, adhere to the conditions set-forth at the beginning?  The Laws of God are universal and they apply to all of Creation. The Laws of God are just and right.  The Laws of God are common sense.

Is it not common sense to honor and respect your Mother and Father?  Is it not common sense not to spill blood?  Is it not common sense to respect each other as equals; Mother, Son, Daughter, Sister, Brother?  Is it not common sense to ignore those traits that are natural and accepts others for their character and content?  Is it not common to treat others as we wish to be treated?  Is it not common sense that unless all humanity can exist in unison as one.  No not as one world.  Not as one government.  No as one economy.  As one Spirit.

Why is helping others in need such a division?  Why is the color of skin such a division?  Why is the person we love such a division?  Why is economic status such a division? Why is it?

We are called by nature to assist those in need.  We can see this in the love of a parent for the child.  It is instinct to all other creatures.  Instinct is God’s original coding.  Instinct is in the DNA



We are taught to love one another.  Love has gone the way of the Dodo and the dinosaur.  Lust is what we hold to.  The moment.  The glory.  The splendor of the Flesh.  The denial of the Spirit and the messenger.  Love one another as one would love themselves? Love begat Compassion.  Compassion begat Understanding.  Understanding begat Unity.  Unity begat Peace.

We have allowed the Princes of this world to derail our stated responsibilities.  The herdsmen.  The hunter.  The sower.  The reaper.  The custodians of all of Creation.  We have allowed politicians to dictate policies and laws that circumvent natural freedoms.

Natural Rights are granted to each of us.

  • The Right to Air
  • The Right to Water
  • The Right to Food
  • The Right to Shelter
  • The Right to Land
  • The Right to Love
  • The Right to Fairness
  • The Right to Speak
  • The Right to Question
  • The Right to Believe

These were all granted to us at Creation.  When we were blessed with the gift of Life.

The Spirit provided us the air, the water, the land, the bounties, the home, the will, and the Voice.  We were allowed to question.  We were allowed free will.  We were allowed Free Speech.  All this was from the beginning.  Everything was provided yet we were disobedient to a fault.

The gifts that we have been given (the Earth, the air, the waters) are all the property of the Spirit, not of man.  These were created first.  We are their caretakers.

Man was created last.  Exalted before the Hosts.  Fallen.

We are a tainted creation that taints the creation.  We sow the seeds of man.  We reap the wrath of Cane.  We economize.  We delegate.  We segregate.  We manipulate.  We propagate.  We divide.  We judge.  We die.

One could say I have very little disregard for humanity, then you’d be wrong.

I am honored to exist.  Life has no guarantee.  It was a gift.  Life is precious and wonderful.  Life should be enjoyed.  Not squandered on mammon.  What profit is there if one loses the Soul?

Life is not spent.  Life is earned.

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