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The Terror

A young officer in Napoleon’s army pursues a mysterious woman to the castle of an elderly Baron.In 1806, the French Lieutenant Andre Duvalier is lost from his regiment and riding near the coast very thirsty. Out of the blue, he sees a gorgeous woman that shows him a spring. Then she tells her name, Helene, and she walks with him and vanishes into the sea water. Andre tries to save her but is attacked by an eagle and faints. He awakes in the house of and old woman, Katrina, and sees the eagle that belongs to her. He learns that her servant Gustaf has saved him. When Andre asks for Helene, Katrina tells that she does not know her. Andre walks during the night seeking out Helene; when he meets her, she asks him to follow her and brings him to a spot with quick sand, but Andre is saved by Gustaf again. He tells to Andre that Helene is possessed and he would find the answers at the castle of the Baron Victor Frederick Von Leppe where he should ask for Eric. On the next day, Andre leaves Katrina’s house and heads to the castle. He is received by the Baron himself and sees the picture of Helene on the wall. However he leans that the woman is Ilsa, the Baroness Von Leppe, who has been dead for twenty years. Further, the Baron lives alone in the castle with his butler Stefan. Later he learns that the Baron found Ilsa in the bed with a man named Eric and he killed her and Stephan killed Eric. But Andre saw the woman at the window when he arrived at the castle. What is the secret of Helene?

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