CBE Radio is one thing and one thing only.

The voice of the people should be heard.

Those whose opinions matter.


The views and opinions of those who choose to air their programming here on CBE Radio are welcome.

They may not be the views of the management but the voice of the People should be heard.

From mainstream Sports Entertainment (WWE©,TNA©,UFC™) to The Message of Peace and Unity.

Politics. Theology. Current Events. The End Times have come and We’re paving the way!

And we are asking independent podcasters to help us pave the Yellow Brick Road.

Submit your podcast, rant, talk, sports, politics, theology, opinion.

You post we play it.

To post just send an email request submission to cberadio2@gmail.com attach a 2-5 minutes rant, segment, interview, your thoughts, your opinions, your VOICE.

Give us a short paragraph to describe your submission. A few words about who is heard on the show; the voices heard on the submission.

If you already have a site or social media accounts, please include them also.

The management of CBE Radio is building it’s programming and ease of ability for you to post your podcast, your thoughts, your insight, your wisdom.

The Voice of The People. Home of the heart of  the Spirit!

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